Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Debra for your recent event which my nephew attended. My brother rang me soon afterwards to say what a transformation he had seen in his son. On the drive over to Wales, he had been introverted and had his eyes closed, my brother couldn’t even rouse him to look as they crossed the Severn Bridge. Yet on the way home, he was wide awake, chatty and animated. Over the next couple of days he also took the initiative to do small things that he had never previously done in his life before. So, my brother was very impressed and I am so grateful to you, Debra for helping my nephew and so many people over the years.

Participants Aunt, Bristol, UK

Through Debra’s Life Transformation Coaching she has gently guided me and I’ve faced my deepest fears. I now recognise my true, pure and pristine self with Grace and love.

Mrs J.H, Teacher, Derbyshire

This is without doubt the BIGGEST step in progress I’ve made healing from multiple traumas. Working with Debra, the severe PTSD and anxiety has left me. Thank you so much .

Anon. Gang rape survivor, UK